Athgreany Stone Circle


On the 21st of June the sun rises over the saddle of the Wicklow Mountains in the North-east and probably aligns with the monument.

The name Athgreany is a possible corruption of the words 'Achad Greine' and translates as the 'Field of the sun'.


It is said that there was a piper and dancers on the hill during the Sabbath day. According to Christianity its a desecration of the Sabbath and so in punishment God turned them into stone.



The site consists of a 14 stone granite circle, to the north-east there is a larger stone, known as the Piper. The site can be seen from the road. The field is used and so there will be sheep there probably.

Its a circle of stones made from granite with quartz veins. The site is situated on a low ridge and is dry. Water collects at the lower areas surrounding the hill. The large stone outside of the circle, known as the piper, is capped with a quartz carved cross. The site is sheltered by the hills to the northeast.

The sound of the cars traveling along the N81 doesn't disrupt the serenity of the place. The presence of the hawthorn tree enhances the magical atmosphere of the monument.

The monument probably dates from the Late Neolithic or Bronze Ages.


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