Brittas Bay

Looking north along the bay
Looking north along the bay

On the coast to the south of Wicklow Town, and to the North of Hook Head, is Brittas Bay which comprises an enormous area of beautiful sandy coastal dunes and gorgeous sandy beach stretching for several kilometres. In summer months this area can be very busy with holiday-makers, due to the waters being extremely shallow and sheltered nature of the beach.

However, it is still a great place to view wildlife, the dunes being home to Six-spot Burnet moths, Small Copper butterflies, Common Blue butterflies, a variety of dragonflies and damselflies and many plant species, including orchids. Red Kites and buzzards can occasionally be seen in the skies overhead, and the sandy banks are popular with rabbits.

Looking north along the bay
Sand Dunes

The waters too have much to offer. Brittas Bay is an important breeding site for rays and skates, and as such offers the potential of a viewing in the shallow clear waters. Dolphins and porpoises are sometimes reported, and closer to the headlands there are rockpools containing an array of marine wildlife.

This is a great place for a picnic, but if you like things to be very peaceful come early in the day during a week in spring or autumn.

How to get there:

From either the south or north follow the N11 to Jack White's pub/restaurant. Next to the carpark you will see a small road going directly to Brittas Bay. It's ridiculously easy to find.