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Fallow Deer - Dama dama

Fallow Deer Herd
Fallow Deer Herd

It is uncertain whether Fallow Deer were introduced to Ireland by the Normans or the later English invaders, but they are now a very common species around the large country estates of Wicklow.

The species originated in Middle East, and was deliberately introduced to Europe as a game animal. Unlike the Red Deer and Sika which can be found commonly in the mountains, this species prefers more open woodland and fields.

Their antlers are also different being like long arms with broad hands. The deer grow a new set of antlers anuually. They are quite big and impressive animals, although not nearly as large as the Red Deer.

In Autumn they should not be approached as the stags are pumped full of testosterone and very aggressive during the breeding season.

Photo courtesy of Johanna Lundquist.