Kilcoole Marshes and the Breaches

The Breaches
The Breaches

This is an area of unique habitat immediately to the south of Kilcoole's railway station. This site is studied and maintained by Birdwatch Ireland, and acknowledged as one of the best places in Ireland for viewing wild birds. It supports a tremendous variety, and is a wintering ground for flocks of endangered Greenland white-fronted geese, besides many more species.

Rare exotics such as the Gyr Falcon, Marsh Harrier, Squacco Heron and Cattle Egret have been recorded in recent years.

North West across the marshes
North-west across the marshes

The delta is a perfect place to see the Wicklow Mountains from afar and take landscape photographs. It is also a very beautiful area in its own right, and a habitat for Otters. It is extremely popular with birdwatchers, who park their cars at either Kilcoole station carpark or Newcastle station, and walk to the Breaches. Kilcoole Station is closer and provides better parking. It also features more regular and consistant terrain for walking or cycling on.