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The Hungry Grass

A strange and rare phenomenon that was recorded throughout Ireland, part of rural lore until very recently.

The grass is not a specific species, but rather that which has, for long years, grown over the areas where famine victims were buried. Upon stepping on this grass, the unwary person is afflicted with terrible hunger pangs, said to be ghostly reminders of the hunger of the famine dead who were buried in the soil below.

To protect yourself from the 'hungry grass', it is necessary to carry food with you. Even the least piece of food will return you to normal instantly.

The Undead, or just well preserved?

In the 1940s, Wicklow County Council workers tasked with the relocation of a graveyard were shocked to discover the perfectly preserved remains of a young woman within one of the graves. According to their story, the graveyard was located in one of the areas now submerged beneath poulaphouca reservoir.

Whether this amazing preservation of a corpse was the result of the soil's chemical make up, or some other natural phenomenon is open to speculation, and the location of the reburial is now lost to time.